RIO uses advanced sampling techniques to develop a representative set of system conditions that drive energy system decisions. 


Evolved Energy Research was founded to address key energy sector questions accelerated by policy goals and new technology development: 


  • What are the costs and challenges to transform the energy system to meet policy driven carbon-reduction goals?

  • What does a rational infrastructure investment strategy look like given uncertain policy targets and technology development?

  • Where are the business opportunities and what impact will energy system change have on people’s lives?


Answering these and other related questions requires a fundamentally new approach to examining our energy systems. It means analyses that explicitly acknowledge the connectedness of the new energy economy, leverage technology in the pursuit of understanding, and embrace complexity as a means to confront uncertainty. It means analyses that are evolved to meet the needs of the modern world.

Our clients include consulting companies, government and regulating bodies, large technology and manufacturing companies, utilities, and NGOs. We help organizations understand the near-term business and policy implications that stem from a rapidly changing energy-economy. Through training and support on software developed in-house and through direct consulting engagements, we help our clients drive change. 


Optimal investment planning for the energy systems of the future

Bottom-up energy accounting for  emissions target setting and deeply decarbonized energy system design.