• Ben Haley

Decarbonizing "The Sunshine State"

As a follow-up to our report 350 ppm Pathways for the United States released in 2019, EER was asked by Our Children's Trust to investigate the same research question for the state of Florida:

Is achieving a 350 ppm – consistent emissions trajectory in both technically and economically feasible?

We found that it was both technically and economically feasible. More than just feasible, we found that all of the decarbonized systems modeled here would be likely to result in energy system costs continuing to decline through 2050 as a share of the economy.

Given the place of Florida on the frontlines of climate impacts, identifying the opportunity for leading cost-effective mitigation efforts hopefully serves as motivation to accelerate near-term efforts in the areas of electricity decarbonization (including rapid deployment of solar PV) , energy efficiency, and electrification, three of the pillars of decarbonization in the State. The evolution of the electricity sector through 2050 is shown in the interactive dashboard below and the full report, including updated U.S.-wide results is available here.

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