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Deep Decarbonization for Mexico

EER, in collaboration with Tempus Analítica (TA), has published a study on a whole-economy Deep Decarbonization Pathway for Mexico. The paper, available here, finds that while the existing climate policy in Mexico is not compatible with Paris Agreement goals, Mexico can achieve these goals on a Deep Decarbonization Pathway. The Deep Decarbonization Pathway for Mexico includes significant modal shifting and electrification of urban transportation, a major expansion of renewable generation along with declining agricultural emissions and increased land sinks.

The paper is a product of the Deep Decarbonization Pathways for Latin America project. TA has represented Mexico in the collaborative effort to develop Deep Decarbonization Pathways for several Latin American counties, and EER has been providing analytical support to TA. EER and TA collaborated on the project over the last two years, exchanging knowledge and building capacity with analytical tools to support policy.

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